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Be sure to select "Over All" as the destination for giving!

A note from Pastor John

Hey GCC Family,

When I came to Greencastle Christian Church 9 years ago, one of the main things that resonated with me was that this church wanted to help people find Jesus. That's why GCC has had a strong focus on global missions, and has sent out some of its own members for kingdom work around the world. That's why we have valued strong family ministry throughout the years. That's why GCC has had such a strong focus on community involvement. That's why baptisms are a big deal. We have always wanted more people to find Jesus. This is the whole reason behind the OVER ALL Initiative.

Through this Initiative, we hope that you will be challenged to put Jesus OVER ALL in your life so that he can do more through you and through GCC.

So join me in putting Christ OVER ALL so that more people in Putnam County and throughout the world might know, love, and follow Jesus!
John Tischer

First Goal: 100% Engagement

We want you to make Jesus your priority here at GCC by joining a small group, serving in a ministry, or by giving for the first time.

Second Goal: Expand Local Ministry

We want to update our kids spaces, multipurpose room, lobby, worship center, and bathrooms making them more useful and welcoming for others.

Third Goal: Empower Global Ministry

We will give 10% of the funds raised to Mid India Church Partners in Damoh, India, no matter what to help build their ministry headquarters on their own property.



We are aiming to raise 1.1 million dollars to go towards the Over All Initiative.
No matter the amount, the money we raise will go towards our three goals of Engaging in our community, Expanding local ministry, and Empowering global ministry. 


We are asking you to pray about a financial commitment above your regular giving.

Consider Giving...


On November 20th, 2022, we will have commitment Sunday. We are encouraging everyone to write the largest check that you have ever written to GCC. 


Over All is an initiative that will span over two years, giving weekly or monthly until the end of 2024.


Finally, think non-cash gifts, or other ways you may be able to give, such as real estate, boats, cars, stocks, etc.



What will the 1.1m be used for?

Our focus on expanding local ministry will be centered on five areas of our building:
  • Kids Areas - increasing security through a single drop-off station in Early Childhood, and improving check-in flow and fun, fresh updates in Elementary.
  • Multipurpose Room - renovating to accommodate a wide variety of events, including new flooring with basketball & pickleball lines and updated audio/visual technology.
  • Lobby - adding seating, new signage, and a timeline of GCC history to remember and celebrate how God has worked through our church.
  • Worship Center - installing sound panels on walls to reduce some harsh frequencies, new lighting, fresh paint, and an LED wall for the stage backdrop.
  • Bathrooms - updating to give the best first impression for new and returning guests.

Why are we giving away 10%?

One of the goals of this campaign is to empower global ministry, so we are giving 10% of the total raised to our global partners, Vivert & Neelam Lall with Mid India Church Partners. This organization is focused on raising up evangelists and planting churches around mid India. They also have a children's home and school for orphans and kids of evangelists serving in dangerous areas. India's new government leader is severely restricting Christian organizations, so we want to help Mid India Church Partners build on their own property instead of their current location on government controlled land.

What is the timeline for the remodel?

Summer of 2023 we will start with the Multipurpose Room and a few of the bathrooms. The timeline for the other phases of the remodel is still being worked out.

Why not borrow what we need?

Your leadership has made a strong commitment to staying out of debt after the mortgage was paid off in January 2022. To keep the remodel process moving along, we will secure a construction loan based off the commitments from the Initiative and pay it off once the 2 year Initiative has ended.

Why are we trying to raise so much money in this economy?

This campaign is about expanding local ministry and empowering global ministry, not just updating a building. We lowered the original goal to be more conscious of the current economy. If God leads us to raising more than our $1.1M, we will do more improvements in the 5 areas than we currently have planned. If we raise less than our goal, we will use the funds that have been committed and modify our ministry expansion.

Where can I set up my giving?

You can give online using our online giving portal. You can also give in person at the offering boxes inside the worship center. If you give a check, please make the check to Greencastle Christian Church and put "Over All" in the memo line.