Next Steps


Root in Christ

Jesus Christ is the foundation for all we do.  Our first goal as a follower of Jesus is to root ourselves in relationship with Him.   We offer First Steps to help you understand who Jesus is and what it means to be a disciple at GCC.  

Connect in Community

Being in relationship with Christ means being connected to His people. One important way we do this is through our Grow Groups.

Engage in Serving

Following Christ leads us to a life of sacrificial service like His.  The Holy Spirit equips us each with gifts for serving both inside and outside the Church.  We would love to help you learn about your gifts and where you can serve out of your passion!

Invest in Others

Jesus left his followers with a mission to make disciples of all nations, investing ourselves in the lives of others.  We invest ourselves in others as we form intentional relationships with others to help them know, love, and follow Jesus.  If you are interested in discipling someone or being discipled, follow the link to get in contact with our Discipleship Pastor.