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For Spiritual Growth

Helping Christians better know, love, and follow Jesus through a deeper understanding of God and His Word and to equip them to help others do the same.

Upcoming Classes

Survey of Worldviews
Mondays starting April 17th through May 15th (5 weeks)
6:00-9:30 PM

This class introduces students to the development and implications of modern worldviews. Topics include Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, Islam, and others. Students will learn strategies for sharing their faith with people who adhere to other worldviews.

Tuition: $25.00 (Does not include textbooks)

Required texts:
  • Sire, James W. The Universe Next Door, 6th Edition. Downers Grove: IVP, 2020.
  • Wilkens, Steve and Mark L. Stanford. Hidden Worldviews. Downers Grove: IVP, 2009.
Fall 2023
Teachings of Jesus - August 21st - September 18th
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation - October 16th - November 13th

Spring 2024
Old Testament Survey - January 8th - February 5th
New Testament Survey - February 26th - March 25th
Survey of Christian Theology - April 15th - May 13th

Fall 2024
Christian Apologetics - TBD
Christian Spiritual Formation - TBD

Spring 2025
Survey of Worldviews - TBD
Survey of Church History - TBD
Disciple-Making - TBD


Who are these classes for?
GCC Institute for Spiritual Growth classes are for anyone who wants to go deeper in their faith and understanding of God and His Word.
  • Church staff seeking to refresh their knowledge base
  • Second career staff seeking initial biblical education
  • Elders and deacons looking to deepen their Biblical knowledge
  • Small group leaders aspiring to better disciple their groups
  • Bible teachers wanting to build their theological knowledge
  • Volunteers developing their leadership skills
  • Anyone looking to simply understand the Bible better

What is expected in these classes?
ISG classes are taught at an Undergraduate level. Each course will include these basic weekly components:
1. Reading (approximately 75-100 pages)
2. Writing (complete a one-page reaction paper)
3. Instruction (live teaching)
4. Reflection and feedback (in class)
5. Final Project (equivalent of a five to seven page research paper)

What is the grading scale?
Rather than measuring by grades, Institute classes use a proficiency scale of "Complete" or "Incomplete" for both individual assignments and the class as a whole. Assignments are "Complete" when basic levels of proficiency are demonstrated. Classes are considered "Complete" when all assignments are "Complete." Assignments must be completed by two weeks after the final class period or the class will be "Incomplete."

When can I begin?
You can apply at any time. Courses begin several times through the fall and spring and can be taken in any order.

What order should the classes be taken in?
Classes can be taken in any order.

Can I take just one class?
Yes, you can take just one class or complete them all to earn a Certificate of Spiritual Growth.

What is a Certificate of Spiritual Growth?
Students who successfully complete all 10 courses graduate with a Certificate of Spiritual Growth. Typically, a student pursuing the certificate can complete it in two years.

Do I have to attend every class?
Students can miss up to 20% (one week) of each 5-week class and remain enrolled in the class.

What is the cost for classes?
Tuition for Institute of Spiritual Growth classes are $25 per course. This covers class supplies and snacks. Tuition does NOT cover books.

Can I buy my own books?
Absolutely! This allows each student to purchase books in their preferred format (print or digital).

Is the Institute for Spiritual Growth Accredited?
While seeking to deliver an undergraduate level educational experience, ISG is not accredited by any higher education association.

Will there be childcare?
Unfortunately, no. We are not able to provide childcare during the classes.

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