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Our focus is helping build strong families

because the biggest influence on your child’s life is you.

You have roughly 937 weeks with your child from the moment they are born to the moment they graduate.

What you do during those 937 weeks for their spiritual development will shape their faith for the rest of their lives. 
We want to partner with you and help you build a strong family that is focused on Jesus.

Bible, Prayer, & Community

Use these resources at home with your family to grow in your faith together!

Moms Off Duty

2nd Thursday of each month from 6-8pm

This group is for moms with kids of any age! We meet once a month to connect, encourage, and support each other. You can find more info & the link to register below.

FX Nights

Family Experience nights are an opportunity for your family to come together and experience God through activities, games, lessons, food, and fun!

Milestone Celebrations

These are big events in your child’s life that we want to celebrate with you! GCC is here to partner with you as you help your child to know, love, and follow Jesus.
Baby Celebration is an annual event for families who have had a new addition (through birth or adoption) to celebrate and to dedicate themselves in raising their child to follow Jesus. Let us know that you have a new addition to your family so we know to invite you to our next celebration!
Birthday Bash is an annual event to celebrate with the kids and their families who have made the decision to be a Jesus follower. Let us know that your child has made this decision so we know to invite you to our next party! 


Is your child asking questions about becoming a Jesus follower?

Is your child ready to make this decision and be baptized? Contact Hannah for resources to help you as you guide them to Jesus. 

Questions? Contact Miss Hannah!