Our goal is to raise $30,000 for 5 ministry partners.


Wendall Hallam (Young Life)

Wendall Hallam is on his second year on Young Life's staff working with DePauw Students. Young Life staff raise their own support, so this gift will help aid Wendall in his ministry.

Foster Care

The Bible is very clear that kids, especially those without parents, are important to God. We would like to use part of our Advent Offering to help start a foster care ministry to support foster parents here in Putnam County in whatever ways we can.


Orchard Group

One of the best ways to reach unchurched people is to start new churches. Orchard Group is an organization that does just that. We are partnering with them by focusing on one of the most unchurched areas, the New England states.


Brenda Buell (Tracy's Heart)

Brenda Buell is one of our Global Partners living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She started a ministry called Tracy's Heart to rescue women who are being trafficked. Part of our offering this year is to help in the purchase of a newer, safer vehicle for the staff of Tracy's Heart to travel between projects. Roads are rough and some areas are dangerous at times so it is important to have a reliable vehicle.

Central Brazil Mission

Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner lead Central Brazil Mission. One of the many aspects of their ministry are medical boat trips up and down the Amazon River. With nearly 18 months of the medical trips to the villages shut down, the pharmacy on board the boat needs restocked. These funds would also help pay for the needed Covid tests for the crew and the teams going down to help.

Contributions can be made here.  Simply select the Advent Offering fund and enter your desired donation: